/8th International Symposium of Engraved Glass Kamenický Šenov/ 8th International Symposium of Engraved Glass takes place from 30th May to 5th June, 2022. The event will be attended by nearly two dozens of artists representing not only the domestic scene, but also the European and American one. Participation in the symposium is therefore considered to be very prestigious. Besides the professional section, there are also other sections at the symposium – student and craft, which is intended for glass engravers.The aim of the symposium is to promote the tradition of Czech glassmaking home and abroad, and above all to spark interest in engraved glass as it is a very specific technology typical for glassmaking in North Bohemia, especially Kamenický Šenov. You can also find the oldest glass school in Europe at the same place the symposium is held. The school itself is part of the organizing team. Not only its students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of world-famous artists, masters of engraved glass sustaining tradition of excellent craftsmanship, and to visit a number of professional lectures. The theoretical symposium itself will bring further expert knowledge about the specifics of Czech engraved glass. It will also be completed by

interesting facts from abroad, and information of what is happening in the field from museums, research institutions and also producers.
This year’s symposium is divided in those sections:
International Symposium of Engraved Glass
Student Section of the International Symposium of Engraved Glass
Theoretical Symposium of Engraved Glass

Supporting program: