MgA. Jaroslav Šára, DiS.
He has been actively involved in engraving symposiums since their beginnings when he was studying glass engraving at Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenický Šenov (1995- 1999) and Glass School in Nový Bor (1999-2002). Since graduating at Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, Studio of Natural Materials, (2002-2009, under prof. ak. mal. Jaroslav Prášil) he has been focusing on the classical glass technique of engraving. He uses this technique in designing contemporary glassware, lights

and architecture realizations. He also designs for other fields of applied art and glass design. In his art he builds on the fruitful tradition of the region. At the same time he aims at innovative use of engraved glass technology in new contexts. He also teaches, both in his own studio and institutions such as Pilchuck Glass School or Corning Museum of Glass and others. His works are represented at major specialized exhibitions home and abroad. In 2016 he completed an internship at glass centre in China. He participated in 11 th International Glass Symposium IGS 2012 in Nový Bor.

MgA. Jana Hradcová
She began her art career at the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod (1993-1997), specializing in design and creation of glass figures. She continued at Faculty of Art and Design, Studio of Graphic Design, UJEP in Ústí nad Labem (2001-2006) under prof. ak. mal. Karel Míšek, PhD. During her studies she completed two half-year internships in Krakow (PL) and Sydney (AU). She received a two-week stay in New York (US) as a doctoral student. Her work is characterized by

the effort to maximize the integration of information and to create a clear visual component of design. She is constantly involved in creation of educational and interactive tools for environmental education and personal development. Knowledge of the glass field helps her to promote glass and ceramic artists purposefully and while collaborating on solo and collective events – she works for the International Symposium of Ceramics in Bechyně, cooperates on exhibitions and printed materials with the Association of Ceramic Artists and on association exhibitions as well as those of individual members: the permanent exhibition of sculptor and ceramist Lubomír Šilar ALTAMIRA – Town Museum in Lanškroun, Anna Klimešová, 4D – Topičův Salon in Prague, Miroslav Oliva – To Angels and Cats, Chodovská Tvrz in Prague 9 th and 10 th Ceramic Meeting in Kolín, exhibition Phenomenon B to the 130 th anniversary of the ceramic school in Bechyně – International Museum of Ceramics in Bechyně, branch of Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou, catalogue for IGS 2015, etc. She creates various outputs for presentations of glass artists and designers, e.g. Zdeněk Lhotský and studio Plechov, Jitka Kamencová Skuhravá, Jaroslav Skuhravý, Jan Frydrych, Zdeněk Štěpánek. Together with Eva Fišerová she is produced travelling exhibition project Neighbors, of which she is also a curator; outreaching art to sociological sphere. She teaches graphic design as well.

BcA. Dita Hálová, DiS.
After graduating at Secondary School of Fashion in Prague – Holešovice (1990-1994) and later at Secondary Art School of Textile Crafts and Higher Vocational School in Prague (1994-1997), she studied in Fashion and Textile Design Studio under prof. ak. mal. Bohdan Mrázek (1998-2003) and Natural Materials Studio under prof. ak. mal. Jaroslav Prášil (2003- 2004) at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. She also studied at the Academy of Arts,

Architecture and Design, Department of Theory and History of Art and New Media (SSZ) under prof. PhDr. PaedDr. Jindřich Vybíral. Besides her work as a fashion designer, she co-organized traveling Czech-Italian exhibitions of art school students and graduates (FUD UJEP, VŠUP, AVU, FAVU Brno, IPUS Ostrava). These exhibitions were held in various places home and abroad – in Ústí nad Labem, Prague, Ostrava, Brescia and Mostar (2003-2006, 2008). She took part in several other exhibitions, competitions and fashion shows (nominations for TOP STYL DESIGNER, Styl and Kabo, BVV 2003 and 2004). For a long time, she has been involved as a curator in the design field, projects and exhibitions of Museum of Design and Gallery in Benešov u Prahy. First and foremost, she cooperated with the Design Cabinet CZ on competition National Student Design Award associated with travelling exhibition NEW G(O)ODS (2008-2011) and was involved in a large multinational competition of company Grund, a. s. (Committee members: Luigi Colani and Alessandro Mendini, 2008). She is responsible for project Folklore lives! Folklore traces in contemporary design of Visegrad Countries (Czech Centre Prague, Stockholm, Bratislava) and other smaller exhibitions and projects. Since 2009 she has been working in Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague (UPM). She is involved theoretically and organizationally in exhibitions of contemporary glass, ceramics and porcelain at UPM, e.g. In Search of Glass (UPM permanent exhibition, 2010), All the Best! (UPM permanent exhibition, 2011), VIP Glass –
Outcomes of IGS 2012 in Nový Bor (UPM exhibition hall, 2012). As a curator she put together retrospective exhibitions at UPM: P.RADA! Parada!, Pravoslav Rada – ceramic work (2011), FIRE / CLAY / ICE, Václav Šerák and students (2014 and 2017 Art Gallery in Karlovy Vary). She organized exhibitions e.g. at International Museum of Ceramics in Bechyně, branch of Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou (2014), solo exhibitions (Bohumil Dobiáš Sr., Bohumil Dobiáš Jr., Pravoslav Rada) and Phenomenon B of an exhibition project to 130 th anniversary of the foundation of the ceramic school in Bechyně. In cooperation with UPM she has been organizing solo exhibitions of the members of Association of Ceramic Artists (SVUK) including production of catalogues, e.g. Jindřiška Radová – Rabasova Gallery in Rakovník (2016), Anna Klimešová – Topičův Salon in Prague (2016), Zdeněk Manina – New Hall in Prague (2017), and of many other artists: Šárka Radová, Miroslav Oliva, Vladimír Uhlík and collective exhibitions of contemporary Czech ceramic sculpture in cooperation with SVUK: Artceramics (NewTown Hall in Prague, 2013), Ceramic Meeting Kolín (2012, 2015), Ceramic Sculpture Kadaň etc. She was part of the organizing team of the International Symposium of Ceramics in Bechyně (2008-2016) and also worked on sculpture exhibitions Summer Ceramic Sculpture (2008-2011). She is involved in promotion and training in the silicate field; not only as a part of her work at UPM. She has become a co-author and creator of website presentations:,,,
www.sympozium-,, etc.

Susanne Kunkel
After graduating from the academic high school Susanne decided to attend the College for Technical Glass in Hadamar, DE and was recognized as the top graduate in her province, Hessen. Following she enroled in the glass department at the Institute of Fine Arts (IKKG) and finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts in July 2016. Currently she is in her Master studies of the MFA-program at the IKKG. During the last years she received scholarships at the Corning Museum of Glass, USA and Bild- Werk Frauenau, DE to improve her technical knowledge. Beside her

studies she cooperates with a glass company for artistic realizations. In her holidays she is involved in educational programs as an artist assistant and enjoys working with creative people from all over the world. Her own work deals with the appearance of glass; influenced, intensified, and combined with different materials. The source of inspiration is her interest in the politics of inner and outer affairs, concerning the fast pace of newspapers and their content. She creates work which refer to time, politics, grievance, and self-reflection. Susanne Kunkel has a very experimental and playful approach to glass and investigates its unique qualities in different stages.

Kristýna Venturová
After successfully graduating at Václav Hollar Secondary School of Art (2009–2013) in Prague, she continues her studies in Department of Glass at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague under doc. ak. soch. Rony Plesl (2013 – present). In her third year during the summer semester she was an exchange student for three months at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in Toyama, Japan (April – June 2016). During her studies she also took part as an assistant to Slovenian artist Tanja Pak (2015) in

the International Symposium of Glass and took an engraving course lead by MgA. Jaroslav Šára at company Kolektiv in Nový Bor.

For long, she has been inspired by Japanese culture and aesthetics, mainly because of its – for Japan so typical – purity of form, sensible perception and use of individual materials. In her work she often aims to find parallels between Czech and Japanese culture. At other times, she focuses on studying natural structures that she later transforms into glass. Through her work she wishes to present things that people know or suppose to know and which are evident to them in a new context so that they could pause for a moment and look at them as if they had seen them for the first time.

Her works have been presented at a number of exhibitions home and abroad – London Design Festival, London (2014, 2015); Designblok, Prague (2014, 2015); Gallery NIKA, Prague (2014); (A)VOID Floating Gallery, Prague (2015); Gallery Glasimo, Prague (2015); Pillnitz Castle, Dresden (2015); ZIBA, Prague (2015); Palazzo Clerici, Milan (2016), Biennial of Student Design, Brno (2016); Arcade of Czech Design, Prague (2016–2017); Czech Design Week, Prague (2016); Pilsen Design, Pilsen (2016).