/PROGRAM OF 7th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM OF ENGRAVED GLASS KAMENICKÝ ŠENOV 2017/ Symposium structure and program has changed along with the change in the organizing team. We have divided the symposium to several sections to broaden target and interest groups of both general and professional public, because of various requirements of participants and also for the program diversity:
1. ARTS AND CRAFTS – there will be 19 professional artists and craftsmen selected on the basis of applications received after receiving an open call and selected jury.
2. STUDENT SECTION – focuses on participation of students of secondary schools and universities, from home and abroad, 9 people. Professional focus is not a necessity, however, advanced skills in working with glass, or at least in the field of art, are expected3. WORKHOPS – selection of activities that are in profession closely connected with glass engraving and cutting. They are designed as leisure time activity for participants of ARTS AND CRAFTS, STUDENT, DEMO sections, all symposium visitors, elementary and secondary school students, as well as university students, the unemployed, laymen and hobby makers; principally for all who want to be acquainted with glass cutting in a short time.

4. FAIR and TRADE – focuses on presentation of the field of glass engraving and cutting, craftsmen and tradesmen, studios, companies, glass producers, materials and machines, gallerists and collection curators, schools and educational institutions, but also on purchase and sale. It includes compered entries and video presentations of registered participants
5. DEMO – Active participation – Individual artists and craftsmen demonstrating their work and the work process at a designated place and time in front of general public, preferably using their own equipment. Personal promotion.
6. GUEST – Registered participant who will receive permission to browse selected locations and supporting events. Does not participate in works.7. THEORETICAL SYMPOSIUM – Professional lectures thematically related and focused on the technique of cutting and engraving of glass.8. EXHIBITION – Presentation of final works of participants in sections ARTS AND CRAFTS AND STUDENT SECTION. Documented in a catalog.

9. TRAVELLING EXHIBITION – Presentation of created works at several European galleries for three years until 8th Symposium in 2020 takes place.